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Rise & Recline Chairs in Braunton

For rise & recline chairs in Braunton, North Devon look no further than Braunton Mobility. Our company has been established for 23 years and in that time our comfortable seating has improved the living of so many of our customers. 

Rise & recline chairs are practical and attractive armchairs that have motor controls. These controls allow the user to tilt forward or recline at the touch of a button. With a wide range of styles, colours and materials, our seating can suit both your needs and the style of your home. We stock products from Sherborne and other top brands. For more information on our range visit our showroom or contact our chair specialists today.

selection of Sherborne rise and recline chairs

What Are The Benefits of Riser Recliner Chairs?

There are many health benefits of riser recliner chairs. The tilting mechanism lets you stand up easily without injury. It also helps you lower down which is great if you have difficulty bending your knees. These armchairs are also designed with contours that provide maximum comfort as well as pressure relief. If you are sitting for long periods of time, these chairs are worth every penny.

Sherborne Chairs

Our Sherborne chairs are the finest quality and will be an elegant yet functional addition to your home. These chairs offer the best craftsmanship as well as fantastic value for money, as these products are durable and have a very long life. Furthermore, these chairs come complete with a 5 year guarantee for total peace of mind. 

With sizes ranging from petite to sizes that suit taller people, we are sure to find the best option for you. We have a range of stunning fabrics so you can find the best match for your bedroom or living room. Our chairs are delivered within 3 weeks of the order being placed. 

Get in Touch with Braunton Mobility

Visit our showroom today or call 01271 814577 to find out more about our chairs.

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