Mobility Centre

Hire Our Quality Mobility Equipment

When you are staying in north Devon on holiday we can provide you with scooter and wheelchair hire for the duration of your stay

Look to our reputable business for reliable mobility equipment hire. Braunton Mobility offers a full range of helpful mobility aids to make independent living easier. We will even deliver the equipment to your holiday destination when your own mobility aids are too large to travel with.

Saving Space

When you are planning to go on holiday and want to take more luggage, simply phone us four weeks in advance to secure your booking. You are able to conveniently hire the equipment that you need and save space in your car. Whether you are staying at a hotel, private address, or holiday park, our dedicated team will bring your equipment to the chosen destination before you arrive.

Variety of Mobility Aids

At Braunton Mobility, we boast an extensive equipment range to suit your needs and make independent living simple. Our showroom includes: